Since the second grade I have worn prescription lenses, changed to gas permeable contacts, to soft contacts, and most recently disposable contacts. As a retail pharmacist and owner of Hayden’s Pharmacy, I have found new life for my eyes with the corrective ICL procedure. For years, I have worked long days under harsh fluorescent lights trying to focus on microscopic tablet printing. This work environment caused my eyes to be constantly dry, red, and irritated. I have been researching and evaluated for the corrective eye surgeries for years and have been told that my eyes were too severely developed for corrective lens surgery.

Testimonial from Ed Christofano

It was not until recently, that I learned about the ICL procedure. I was evaluated for this procedure and found ICL was my only option to restoring my vision from (-12.00) [I believe this was my last reading] to 20/20 vision. Through the entire process, the medical staff provided me with a complete understanding of the procedure, offered excellent medical care, and truly cared about my well being since my eye sight is my livelihood in my profession.

Today, I am proud to say that I have 20/20 vision with no redness, no dry eyes, and no irritation after 25 years of glasses and contacts. The procedure was painless with a quick recovery, and the results are incredible. The ICL procedure is truly phenomenal medical breakthrough. My deepest gratitude and thanks to Dr. Mondzelewski and Dr. Unruh for changing my life.

Ed Christofano, R.Ph.
Hayden’s Pharmacy – Pharmacist / Owner

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